Mr. James J. Judge

Mr. James J. Judge has been executive vice president and chief financial officer of Eversource Energy (formerly Northeast Utilities), New England’s largest energy delivery company, since 2012. From 1999 until 2012, he was senior vice president and chief financial officer of NSTAR, a publicly held electric and gas utility company.  Jim joined Boston Edison in 1977 and held various positions in the rates, treasury, strategic planning and financial management organizations prior to his appointment in 1995 as the company’s chief financial officer. He was a principal negotiator in the merger with Commonwealth Energy Systems in 1999 that created NSTAR. Jim continued to serve as CFO of the new company, directing the treasury, accounting, rates, investor relations, supply chain, performance management, and information systems organizations. He was a key negotiator in the 2012 merger between Northeast Utilities and NSTAR and was elected to his current position subsequent to that merger. He holds both a master’s degree and a bachelor of science in business administration from Babson College.